The PERA Odyssey (Part I)

It has been a fruitful time since the release of Pera Finance; we have established partnerships with some of the most important players in the DeFi space, our community kept growing, many trading competitions and giveaways have been made, positive relations have been conducted. All of which enabled PERA to carry its technology over to various Launchpads and so many more. Stay tuned and dive into this update, to recap what we have accomplished so far.

What you are about to read is just the beginning of our journey, there are still many challenges to overcome and opportunities to grow. Knowing so we needed solid companionships. Thankfully we were able to make good friends along the way.

The Partnership Chronicles

To understand how relations with our partners contribute to the story, we need to get acquainted first. Pera Finance is a new trading protocol that offers customizable and decentralized trading competition solutions for the DeFi space. We believe the integration of our protocol to a variety of launchpads and DEX’s would solve the most important issue to be faced, the volume incentive problems. Thus, we began conducting partnership agreements:

  • Polka Foundry:

A platform to create borderless and frictionless DeFi & NFT apps. Designed to enable developers to explore new horizons for the DeFi& the NFT landscape, built on the DOT ecosystem.

  • Paid Network:

An ecosystem DAPP that leverages blockchain technology to deliver DeFi powered SMART Agreements to exponentially increase the efficiency of the business.

This integration would carry our unique trading competition and solid trade farming structure over to Ethereum based projects. Including the projects launched from the Ignition Launchpad. Thus, creating an instantaneous DEX volume growth access for their projects, and an easier adoption process for us.

Enabling every DEX trader to be included in our ecosystem and be incentivized to trade. For the first-ever in DeFi, traders will be included in the yield farming schemes.

  • Launch X:

A platform focusing on the issuance of tokens, cross-chain synthetic staking, interoperability, and cross-chain features in the development.

  • CyberFİ:

CyberFi platform aims to create a user-friendly DeFi experience by a layer of features. Users of the platform are promised to experience zero stress. CyberFi platform provides its users with automated DeFi trading and farming features, whilst asking for smaller fees. By CyberFi we partnered with SAMURAI.

Our partnership with SAMURAI by CyberFi is a decentralized cross-chain crowdfunding platform, in the future we will be implementing our trading competition technology to projects launched on SAMURAI, creating volume incentives for users.

  • WaultFinance:

The WaultFinance partnership agreement consisted of creating a WEX/ PERA liquidity pool, and a one-way staking option for $WEX to earn $PERA. With PERA token Total Value Locked around $96.154, Wault Finance provides an average APY of 98%.

On account of these partnerships, our trading competition was embedded into two DEX’s, concluding the first step to impose PERA trading incentives on every DEXes.

  • ApeSwap:

ApeSwap is an Automated Market Maker, Yield Farming, and Staking platform on Binance Smart Chain

With a Total Value Locked around $112.551, ApeSwap provides an average APR of 222.84%. Users are enabled staking $GNANA to earn $PERA; furthermore, by creating a BNB/ PERA LP users can yield $BANANA.

  • Beefy Finance:

This agreement provides users with an evolved version of our other pools. Usually, users can stake $PERA/ $BNB LP tokens on Swaps and earn $PERA, but things work a little different on Beefy Finance.

With a Total Value Locked around $204.61, Beefy Finance provides an average APY of 707.19%. Users can stake $PERA/ $BNB LP tokens and yield $PERA in addition Beefy Finance automatically swaps 50% of $PERA tokens with $BNB tokens, then adds the yielded assets to the $PERA/ $BNB LP token liquidity, making it work as an automated compounding system.

The partnership arrangement ensured a more liquid pool structure on PancakeSwap, paving the way for a trading mechanism with a lowered slippage percentage. Consequently, attracting more traders to the PERA ecosystem.

  • Anyswap:

The partnership agreement with Anyswap would aid PERA in expanding into different networks. An increased variety of networks and dApps would create many opportunities for users to benefit from. PERA users will be enabled to bridge between networks and join various Liquidity Pools.

  • Polygon Network:

The partnership agreement clears our path on our journey to take over the DeFi space, with the agreement PERA is now on both BSC and Polygon. Integration into different networks would:

‣ Increase TVL over on a variety of DEXs

‣ Increase the number of liquidity pools

‣ Help integrates the daily trading competitions to DEXes on Polygon.

Pera took its first step inside the Polygon Network by agreeing with the largest DEX on Polygon, QuickSwap.

  • QuickSwap:

This partnership agreement is the first step into the Polygon Network. We stated before that cross-chain transaction would benefit users in various ways, users are now able to:

Provide PERA liquidity to the PERA/QUICK liquidity pool, to earn QUICK. With the TVL around $96.230, Quickswap provides users with APY up to 1251%

Stake QUICK and earn dQUICK and use them in dragon syrup pools, in the future users will be able to stake dQUICK and earn PERA yields.

Stay tuned:

The next chapter will briefly summarize the series of events Pera Finance has been through since the launch.

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