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4 min readApr 15, 2022


Stake $PERA, earn multi-asset yields!

Dear Pera Family,
Today we are excited to tell you that $PERA single-staking will be available upon the completion of the migration to Avalanche. Users can stake their tokens in the contract, for a selected period to earn multi-asset yields. These multi-assets will be in the form of $PERA+ partner tokens. With the single-staking format, users can yield rewards in proportion to their staking amount and the duration of the lock period, without the risks of impermanent loss.


If you would like to start earning multi-assets by locking your $PERA tokens, all you need to do is to refer to our website and click the “staking” button.

From the staking page, you need to initiate it by referring to our dapp.
First, select the duration of the staking period and the amount you would like to stake. Then, you will see weekly determined pool weight, which shows the contribution of your staking period to your yields.

For instance,
If, a user decides to lock 100 tokens for 48 weeks. The yield weight would be 1.8. Meaning this user will receive 180 tokens in correlation to their staking preference. If you choose not to remove your tokens after the staking period ends, you will continue to earn weighted yields. Furthermore, the weight of your staking will earn you voting rights in the protocol’s governance.

5,000,000 $PERA tokens will be distributed to users within the first year.

User weight according to staking duration(in days)

We would like to remind you that once set, you can not alter your position until the staking period ends. So, select your staking period carefully for unlocking your assets, or penalties for early removal would apply.

Increasing the staked amount

For the duration of your staking, you are not able to increase your staking period, but you can stake additional tokens. Refer to the “stake” page and select the amount you wish to add tokens.

The additional tokens added to your position will unlock after the first selected period ends. Plus, your new weight will be lesser due to the time left being less than when you first created your position. But, this shouldn’t concern you as the weight is calculated by the weighted average of your staking duration and amount.

You will not be able to lock new tokens after the staking period ends. However, if you choose to, you can create a new staking position from staking interphase.You will not be able to lock new tokens after the staking period ends. However, if you choose to, you can create a new staking position from staking interphase.


After your staking period ends, refer to the staking page to visit the Unstake section to remove the lock on your tokens.
Click “Unstake” to remove your tokens. Once removed you can create a new staking position, and lock your tokens.

Slashing Fees

If you choose to remove your tokens before your staking period ends, you will receive penalties. According to the time left on the duration, you may receive slashing fees ranging from 25% to 75%. If you wish to remove your tokens the day after your staking, you will receive 75% slashing fees. If you wish to do it a day before the end of the duration 25% slashing fees will apply. The penalties decrease linearly.

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Pera Finance is the first DEX optimizer designed to secure and boost long-term trading volume, improving the capital efficiency for the entire DeFi space. Pera Finance is a service provider offering decentralized trading competitions with customizable parameters and adjustable swap farming tools to manage protocols’ liquidity while improving the user experience. Pera Finance aims to become DeFi’s most sustainable protocol by introducing innovative volume-boosting tools to the DeFi space and improving the user experience.

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Pera Finance

Pera Finance is the first DEX Optimizer designed to boost on-chain trading volume via trader incentives.