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Monthly Update / November 21

Dear Pera Family,

Sorry for the delay, but we can assure you this was worth the wait.

The previous time we told you that the $PERA ecosystem is due for a change. Today, we are excited to share the intricate details of the new Pera ecosystem.

The new $PERA token will adopt a governance structure that offers a variety of new tools to users. In pursuit of becoming the most sustainable protocol, promoting growth for both users and the platform, $PERA is migrating to a whole new blockchain, Avalanche.

Migration to Avalanche

Since the dawn of Pera, we’ve had a generous amount of time to examine the sustainability of our platform and the problems that have been or will be encountered.

The research has led us to believe that migrating to Avalanche would suit the protocol’s and the users’ needs best. We are offering our users the opportunity to invest in the best DEXes Avalanche has to offer, while deploying the first-ever decentralized filter and sort mechanism integrated with trading incentives to Avalanche.

What about existing BEP-20 $PERA tokens?

Existing Pera tokens will be swapped from BSC. Investors will receive the same amount of PERA they possess in BSC in their Avalanche C-Chain wallets. Migration details will be announced in detail with an updated roadmap.

Migration to Avalanche with new tools and new token mechanics brings additional good news, such as the new platform getting rid of high service fees.

No Extra Fees!

The new $PERA token gets rid of the 2% fee. Instead of generating income via transaction fees; platform and service fees will be distributed to users.

Daily Emissions

Maintaining a mutualistic relationship with our investors is very important to us, but “emitting more just to distribute more” might put the protocol in a vicious circle. Plus, daily emission control is a process which requires a series of intricate calculations. With the new emission model, we are removing the infinite emission from the Pera smart contract.

How do investors generate income without emission?

Well, with the new protocol, investors will be able to generate income by the protocol’s revenue itself. (A part of service fees charged by the protocol will be distributed back to Pera investors + with bond services implied to $PERA token). Pera will generate constant revenue for investors.

Single-Pera Staking

One of the biggest requests from our community was single Pera staking. With the upcoming release of Pera trade farming and trading competition protocol, you will be able to stake Pera and earn platform revenues as multiple-assets. Pera will provide tools for various AMM pools with the additional benefit of generating income from service fees. Which then will be distributed to Pera stakers in a fully decentralized way.

Trade Farming

Pera will no longer include trading incentives on its token contract, but it will be able to deploy trading competitions or trade farming to any pool including PERA-AVAX.

We are working on the new protocol that will offer rewards based on the trading volume created for all users (like before, but a little different), let’s elaborate:

The Trade Farming smart contract, which will be deployed to the AMM partner’s platform, will collect the entire trading volume data by an internal volume oracle (Pera Proxy Contract). So, the protocol will reward all of the users based on the amount of volume created. This amount will be calculated from the volume created by each user.

Don’t worry we are keeping things decentralized and fully autonomous.

Fee Refund for Traders

The new protocol improves upon the previous one, with better incentives for both users and businesses, emphasizing on traders, the new protocol will refund some part of the overwhelming service fees that AMM pools request from users. It will be possible to compensate a part of the fees paid by the traders, to the traders, via trade farming protocol.

Pera stakers will receive service fees regarding their stake size of the Pera token.

Customizable Trading Competitions

So far we’ve provided fully decentralized trading competitions only on our platform via Pera token itself, but things are about change. Soon, the daily trading competitions built in the Pera token smart contract will be removed, and it will evolve into a factory contract, which can be deployed into any AMM’s smart contract hence, interested AMMs will benefit fully from customizable Pera trading competitions.

Interested AMMs will be able to host fully decentralized trading competitions on their own terms.

Adjustable Trading Competition Parameters

The parameters of the trading competitions can be altered to the AMM’s wish:

  • Competition timespan,
  • The total amount of the reward pool,
  • Amount of winners,
  • Amount of fee’s to implement,
  • Assets to be claimed by winners,
  • Lock-up periods for the reward claim phase can be adjusted on demand.

In addition to projects, DEXes can use this tool and create their version of the trading competitions using their tokens and implement to any pair of their choice. A completely on-chain decentralized competitions (or trade farming), powered by PERA.

Pera will have two-layered trading incentive mechanisms to provide partner AMM’s. First one is the trade farming mechanism, which rewards the users according to the amount of volume created in the pool. The second layer is the trading competition services layer, which incentivizes a variable number of traders according to the trading volume created, including unique competitions intended for big players, limited to a small group of winners.

Pera with LP Bond Structure

If an LP Bond structure is implemented to the subject AMM pool, by any service provider, Pera trading incentive tools will increase the volume drastically, providing higher platform revenue to partners in a fully decentralized and in an organic way.


Even though the artwork implied to website is a masterpiece :) , it can no longer fit our needs for modular trading incentive tools. We are working on a new website and business deck to provide further insight for both projects and investors.


Our modular factory contract is still being developed, yet, once we complete the structure, the contract will be deployed to Avalanche fuji testnet. Which will be available for AMM partners’ use, for us to demonstrate our new features.

There is still too much to tell, yet, this is it for November. We will be informing you further in the following weeks.

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Pera Finance is the first DEX Optimizer designed to boost on-chain trading volume via trader incentives.

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Pera Finance

Pera Finance

Pera Finance is the first DEX Optimizer designed to boost on-chain trading volume via trader incentives.

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