Increasing Sustainability with The Burning Campaign

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2 min readApr 13, 2022


Only 2 days until we turn over a new leaf!

Dear Pera Family,

As the migration approaches, we are excited to share some good news. A while back, as you might remember, to improve your experience and gain some additional sustainability to the protocol, we announced a burning campaign.

For those who’ve missed the previous announcement, here is how the burning occurred:

By having most of our investor’s tokens locked in the migration contract, we can yield most of the daily emissions by providing new liquidity, which would be utilized in a manner that would benefit the community and the value of the $PERA token.

Hence, we are removing all of the collected LP emission rewards from circulation.

To our estimations, around 25,000 $PERA, almost 50% of the daily emissions for LPs, will burn each day until the migration ends.

The burn transaction will be shared with the public once completed.

Of course, we kept our word and did even more. Since the previous burn announcement, we have separated over 855,681 $PERA from the circulation. These tokens will not be migrated to Avalanche, instead will be left in BSC, effectively burning them.

In addition to burning the yielded rewards, we will be taking some additional measures to reduce the circulating supply. Refer to the previous burn announcement to learn more.

We will be updating you with the complete breakdown of the burnt tokens upon the completion of the migration process. All you need to do is sit back, relax and watch us burn those tokens.

Starting today, we are ceasing $PERA token emission on BSC. Within two days, we will be operating on Avalanche. Join us in our journey to elevate your DeFi experience to the next level. Stay tuned, and we will update you as we go.

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Pera Finance is the first DEX optimizer, designed to secure and boost long-term trading volume, improving the capital efficiency for the entire DeFi space. Pera Finance is a service provider offering decentralized trading competitions with customizable parameters, and adjustable swap farming tools to manage protocols’ liquidity while improving user experience. Pera Finance aims to become DeFi’s most sustainable protocol by introducing innovative volume-boosting tools to the DeFi space and improving the user experience.

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Pera Finance

Pera Finance is the first DEX Optimizer designed to boost on-chain trading volume via trader incentives.