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4 min readJun 6, 2021


Last month we announced the successful close of the PERA Token private & seed rounds. We are pleased to announce the details of the PERA Tokenomics. With only a few days left until our seed SHO on DAO Maker, we would like to share with you the details of PERA token economics.

We have structured our private and seed raises to find supporters who can contribute to Pera Finance in the long run. Our investors have been immensely helpful in expanding Pera Finance’s network, diversifying our marketing channels and making strategic partnership agreements over the last 6 months. We have been very selective in choosing our investors and have made sure that they invest in the value of Pera Finance in the long-term but not in the price of the token in the short term. Below you can find the summary of the PERA Token private & seed raise and upcoming seed SHO.

A total of approximately $1.75M was raised in the private and seed rounds. With an additional $250K to be allocated in the DAO Maker seed SHO, Pera Finance plans to complete its private, seed and SHO token sales. 20% of the total PERA allocations of private, seed and SHO investors will be released at the TGE with the initial circulating token supply of 7.050.000 PERA Tokens and an initial market cap of $705.000.

How will the PERA Tokens be Distributed?

Our tokens are distributed in a way that is unique to the Pera Finance ecosystem. Approximately 47% of PERA Tokens go to private, seed, and SHO investors. 15.68% is for initial PancakeSwap liquidity and development opportunities with strategic partnerships. 3.15% is reserved for ecosystem incentives to be distributed to users in the Pera Finance ecosystem. We have 10.6% as a reserve for needs such as CEX listings. The rest goes to the team and advisors. You can find the details of the PERA Token distribution in the pie chart below.

What is the Vesting Schedule?

Our vesting schedule is DAO Maker standard with investors receiving 20% initial release and then 20% release on a quarterly basis after the first month. This vesting schedule includes all private, seed and SHO investors. Team and advisor tokens are fully locked for 1 year, after the 1st year 20% will be distributed on a quarterly basis. You can follow the details from the chart below.

What are the Details about the DAO Maker Seed SHO?

For the PERA Token SHO on the DAO Maker platform, a total of $250,000 has been allocated, of which $5000 is for the community round. When the SHO participation details are finalized, we will share the details with our users through our social media channels. By the time, you can join our community round by filling the form below after following us on Twitter and Telegram.

Trading Competition and LP Token Staker Rewards

In addition to the PERA supply mentioned above, the PERA smart contract mints a certain amount of tokens daily and distributes it to the trading competition winners and LP token stakers. You can find the details in the table below.

About the Distribution and Unlocking Mechanism of PERA

PERA Token Release Schedule

Future Plans

After completing our PERA Token SHO on the DAO Maker platform, you will see lots of Pera Finance trading protocol updates, strategic partnerships and promotions on our upcoming roadmap. We believe that our user base will increase in a very short time with the unique financial services Pera Finance offers to its users. Together, we will establish a profitable and long-term ecosystem for all our users.

Pera Finance’s exciting journey is just beginning!

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